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Dialogue for Social Equity - Fundraiser


These challenges may intensify further for Amrita due to the possibility of:

  • Early drop-out of school due to lack of WASH/sanitary facilities.

  • Early marriage

  • Low self-esteem and lack of female role models in the community to look up to


​children like Varun and Amrita are dependent on India’s public education system to uproot them from a life of poverty towards opportunities and a fair chance against inequity to “Thrive”

 A Bridge to Equity - Collective Action


Collective Action is imperative amongst Government entities, Civil Society Organisations, and Philanthropic Initiatives given the scale of the challenge.

A holistic and collaborative approach is our best bet to 

  • Solve for scale instead of sporadic action,

  • Ensure speed of implementing various solutions at all levels

  • Root for sustainability by localising the solutions

It is vital that there is dialogue amongst the influential and the vulnerable!

There needs to be spaces for dialogue to enable intersectional awareness of on-ground reality.

Mantra4Change, in partnership with REACH India Collective, is hosting a platform in the USA to begin a conversation.

About the Dialogue - Bridge to Social Equity

We are looking to create networks of champions to bridge these gaps leaving no child behind in years to come.


Through this fundraiser event, we hope to identify champions and mobilise action for:

  1. Cause - To raise awareness in their community about social inequity and its impact on children from most vulnerable communities

  2. Capital - To carry out periodic outreach and pool capital resources and opportunities for the cause in the US

  3. Capacity - To help us strengthen our network  capacity and widen our reach in the US.

The dialogue is part of a fundraiser gala to be hosted in: 

fund img1.jpg

Our Current Champions


 Mr. S.D. Shibulal

Co-founder of Infosys | Permanent trustee of the Shibulal Family Philanthropic Initiatives


Cornelius Walter

 Impact investor| Former Senior Partner - McKinsey & Co


Sudha Varghese

Founder of Nari Gunjan (women’s voice), an organisation dedicated to social and economic empowerment of socially-outcast women | Padma Shri awardee, 2006


Khushboo Awasthi
Co-Founder of Mantra4Change| recipient of the Schwab Foundation’s Collective Social Innovation Award in December 2022, on behalf of the Punjab Education Collective

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